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The scope of this project is to build a streaming platform using the new technologies from Microsoft Windows Vista.

At this moment the the player is under development and anyone with a passion for Wpf is invited to join the project.

The player looks very basic and for networking we just did a few tests to see how the p2p is working and how much bytes we can put on the pipe.

Using the power of the GPU we can scale and improve the image quality.
Take a look at the following e.g. :
  • A frame from a movie render by quad player
my player.bmp
  • The same frame with scaling
my player with scaling.bmp
  • The same frame render with Windows Media Player

In the initial project I start making the player with VC++ on top of OpenGL. At this moment we are working in creating the image processing part as a DirectShow filter. This DirectShow filter is not yet upload on the tfs server.

I did all the tests on a Radeon GPU , we don't know yet how the code is running on nVidia GPUs.

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